Bathroom Renovations on the Gold Coast

You want a bathroom renovation for your Gold Coast home, but aren’t sure what steps to take. You want better lighting, tile, or countertops, but you can’t decide on the proper materials. You may also have concerns about mould growth or other similar problems. Before you can create your dream bathroom, you must first connect with the right contractor.

Hire Skilled Contractors

Since 1998, Calden Cabinets has helped homeowners design and build exquisite bathrooms. Our expert design team works with various tastes, needs and lifestyles to provide you with the bathroom you envisioned. We also employ professional cabinet makers and joiners to construct and install these structures and finishes into your new bathroom.

Choose Customised Services

Our team renovates your bathroom to your specifications. We focus on your desires and needs and present you with the best options available. Once you select the materials, finishes, accessories and colours you like, we immediately get to work.

Our contractors also resolve other issues that homeowners face including:

  • Damaged or missing tiles
  • Minimal storage space
  • Poor bathroom functionality
  • Inadequate energy efficiency

As we renovate or repair your space, you also increase your property value. If you need to sell your home in the future, bathroom renovations in your Gold Coast home makes for a nicer look and ensures that you’ll receive a better price for your beautiful abode.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to learn more about Calden Cabinets and our bathroom renovations on the Gold Coast, get in touch today. We will happily discuss your design options and timelines so that you can attain the bathroom you want.

Call us on 07 5594 7033 to schedule a consultation. Or, feel free to stop by our showroom and see our handiwork in person. You can even visit our contact page and submit a request form. 





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